Collection of works by Daniel Bruson ANIMATION DIRECTOR & GRAPHIC ARTIST ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬

The Podium Waltz



I was invited by directors Daniel Hanai and Bruno Carneiro to create these animations for their short documentary “A Valsa Do Pódio” (“The Podium Waltz”). The movie tells the story of Terezinha Guilhermina, a visually impaired brazilian runner who, with the help of her guide Guilherme Santana, won two gold medals in the London 2012 Paralympics, and since then is the world record holder in the 100 meters sprint.
The first scene is the movie’s opening sequence. It follows the way her guide described the opening ceremony of the Paralympics to her, as they walked through the Olympic Stadium. For that I created about 1400 black and white watercolors, that were photographed and then composed and colored digitally. I tried to create this atmosphere where shapes and sounds emerge as they come to the character’s attention, and also to bring some of the joy and wonder of the moment.
The second scene shows one of the most dramatic moments in the whole Paralympics, the 400 meters T12 final, where Guilherme was injured and fell down, after which Terezinha decided to stop. The animation in this case is a mixture between watercolor textures, frame by frame animation on both paper and digital, and compositing.
Please watch below the making of video explaining how the whole thing was done:



Based on a rough storyboard created together with the directors, and on the voice over recording, the animatic was first created frame by frame digitally, as detailed as possible, then printed on regular white A4 sulphite paper (in yellow ink, the lighter and easier color to extract later in post production). Once out of the printer, they were all pierced for position register.
All frames were then painted with black ink (a very watery acrylic ink painted with watercolor techniques), in a way that the shapes were always incomplete and somewhat ephemeral, mixing solid strokes with spots and blurs. The tricky part was to think and paint with inverted luminance, since all blacks would become whites over a dark background, later in post.
When a batch of about 200 frames was finished, they were positioned using the register holes and photographed, using a reflector that turned the camera flash into a very diffuse ambient light. You can see in the video that we created a very simple and improvised infrastructure for this project, which was an interesting task in itself. The frames were digitally composed, using some color and luminance modifiers and overlapping textures to achieve this color palette and the final look. The whole project took us 3 months, from early March to late May, 2013, and about 1400 paintings to create almost 3 minutes of animation.
Motionographer dedicated a very kind post to this work. I’m very proud of the process and the result, and very grateful for the invitation and the help of my friends.




Credits :
Direction : Daniel Hanai & Bruno Carneiro
Animation Direction : Daniel Bruson
Animation : Daniel Bruson, Francisco Beraldo, Ian Sampaio, Flávio de Paula & Leandro Franci
Compositing : Daniel Bruson, Francisco Beraldo & Leandro Franci
General Assistance : Rafael Moretti & Talita Annunciato