So, yeah, I’m a geek. And I know I could just put these videos up on YouTube. I’ve had a Vimeo account for a long time and there’s some (basic) integration with Vimeo and the ability to assign a domain name to a gallery in Vimeo. They (Vimeo) have a pretty fancy system where you pay based upon the number of subscribers (that would be you) that you have, and, well, you’re not paying anything and I’m too cheap to really throw any cash into this based upon number of views. I might find a better content management/delivery system that I use in the future, but for now I’m just gonna throw some videos up here from time to time. Most of them will be gun related stuff. I’m currently using Mimo Live to put together the videos. I’m actually pretty well versed in Premier and Final Cut Pro, yet both of them require you to really think about the video production. A lot more than the ten steps or so that I want to think about for these videos. I like the idea of running multiple cameras, having a single audio track, and consolidating them all into a final production without figuring out time code, time sync, bla bla bla. I know enough about video production to know that it requires time and effort to put together really high end videos. I’m just now figuring out Mimo Live and will use that for awhile. We’ll see how it turns out.

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HK45c - Dissembly Part I (Final) v2